Steel Roll-Ups

Roll-Up Doors

Our doors come w/ track and mounting hardware.

Roll-Up Door Exterior

Roll-Up Doors

We install everything from mini-storage to rolling steel doors. Our roll-up door spring life is longer than a garage (sectional) door. There’s fewer moving parts, so they are easier to install and last. They don’t take up ceiling space, to save you additional storage or to give you more lighting options.

Mounting Options

Our roll-up doors mount to wood, steel, or concrete. They work with a shed, shipping container, warehouse, storage facilities, or anywhere you’ve got a wall.



You can rotate the 3D Model or stop by to see our demo door.

Roll-up door gear for chain hoist operation



Take a typically wall frame, 16″ on center, and figure the size of the opening. Double or triple up the studs on each side to support the header. Add 2×6 jams to have a wide enough surface to attach the door (as shown in the 3D model above). Make sure that the 2×6 continues 2 feet above the header line. 15″ can work, but 2 feet helps prevent the wood from cracking.

Roll-Up and Rolling Steel Doors


You may not have 16″ on center, but a perlin that horizontally spans the whole wall for support. If you have a C channel for the jams, up above you may need to do some steel structure that is flush with the C channel to mount the opener to. You may be adding extra C channel to the side of the header area to bring the surface out, so there’s at least 5 1/2″ of metal to attach the track/guides.


As long as the entire surface on the sides and above is part of the same flat plane, and there are no obstructions like a foundation in the way, then you can mount the door.

How We Roll



If you’re all-in, here’s a full walk-through!


Our Range

We install everything from mini storage to rolling steel doors.

Roll-Up Door for Delivery area, with yellow cement protective ballards.

Steel Roll Up Doors

Standard Duty – 3×7 to 10×10

We stock roll-up doors in this size range in our Warehouse, in Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer installation services. Custom sizes available.

Medium Duty – 7×7 to 12×15

We can get medium grade doors in. Lead time is generally 2-3 weeks. This range of door has a slightly different design for commercial purpose.

Heavy Duty – 7×7 to 20×18

A door designed for heavier duty storage. 13′ and 14′ sizes are wind rated at 15PSF. For higher usage, a rolling steel door is recommended.

Rolling Steel

This is a heavier gauge steel, for higher usage. A major advantage is the ability to replace single slats instead of the entire door.

Door Options

Insulation: peel-stick and pre-insulated options.
Colors: we stock Mohegan White (off white) doors that can be painted.
Motors: we stock motors and can get motors for larger roll-up doors.

Our Installs

We will install as few or as many doors as you need, often the same day if we have a door tech available.

Time for a new door?

Want things simple? Insulation questions? We can help!